Zoologist and Wildlife Presenter


in search of wildlife.

Billy has traveled all over the world fueling his passion for nature. In the past few years alone, he's explored the frozen fjords of Iceland in search of orca, tracked down grizzly bears in British Columbia, gone on safari in Sri Lanka in search of elephants and he's even ventured to the other side of the world to find some of Australia's weirdest critters. Plus, he's even wandered around New Zealand's rugged coastlines in search of hectors dolphins, fur seals, dusky dolphins and sei whales.


roles and collaborations

Billy has worked with a variety of different charities. He is an ambassador for the marine research charity MARINELife and is the patron of the Brighton Dolphin Project. He is also an ambassador for PaddleLogger.


He is also an ambassador for the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup and has worked alongside WDC campaigning to Save NZ Dolphins. In 2019, Billy was asked to participate in the RSPB's 'State of Nature' campaign. He is currently working alongside WDC once more to end whale and dolphin captivity.

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