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Solo projects and collaborations

As a Zoologist I’ve had some amazing experiences researching and observing a range of marine vertebrates. For three years I studied the UK’s largest pinniped, the grey seal, along the stunning North Cornwall coastline and during this time I had many wonderful encounters with dolphins, sea birds and the world’s second largest fish, the basking shark.


Overseas, I’ve explored the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, carrying out fieldwork on green turtles on the nesting beaches of Northern Cyprus and helped raise awareness about the threats posed by marine plastic pollution. In 2018 I was lucky enough to venture to the other side of the world where I encountered a whole bonanza of marine life including endangered hectors dolphins, speedy sei whales and dancing dusky dolphins.


But then 2020 came along, and I found myself embarking on a new adventure, I just hadn’t realized it yet. This is my nod to lockdown and to the family of badgers that got me through these unprecedented times.

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